What type of glass are they made of?

Our classic Spectrus Glassboards are made with ¼-inch-thick low-iron tempered safety glass and polished edges. Low-iron glass eliminates the green tint typically found in other glass, displaying the true color of the board’s back painting.

Spectrus lite Glassboards use 1mm (0.04″) Corning® Gorilla® Glass for a durable product that’s also incredibly lightweight.

How is the glassboard painted?

Spectrus specializes in back-painted glass and high volume, computer-controlled mass production. We promise exceptional quality coverage & total opacity on every Glassboard. Our specialized paints bond perfectly with the glass so that it doesn’t come off – ever. This durable coating holds up in UV light and interior room environments. Spectrus advanced computer-controlled technology paints each Glassboard the same way, every time, for a uniform & consistent product at a very low cost. Quality consistent color application from 1 – 1,000 Glassboards, Spectrus covers it.

What makes the boards magnetic?

You may choose from either magnetic or non in the Spectrus 1/4 ” thick classic glassboard design. When backed with steel and paired with rare earth magnets your board is transformed into a magnetic surface. Spectrus lite glassboards featuring thinner Corning® Gorilla® Glass are all magnetic.

What type of magnets should I use?

Spectrus lite Glassboards use most ordinary magnets. The classic Spectrus Glassboards are thicker and require rare earth magnets available on our ACCESSORIES page.

What type of markers can I use?

You can use almost any marker, including grease pencils, temporary markers and even Sharpies, but erasable markers are preferred. Your Spectrus Glassboard will never ghost or become dull from use.

What is the recommended method of erasing or cleaning?

For everyday use, we recommend the Spectrus Magnetic Eraser. If the board requires a more thorough cleaning, use any commercial glass cleaning product followed by a dry towel. For stubborn marks, wipe the board with rubbing alcohol followed with a commercial glass cleaner, then dry towel.

Are Spectrus Glassboards available in custom sizes and colors?

Yes! We offer custom sizes, shapes, logos, and most popularly… custom colors. Please contact us at or (855)752-6201 and our design team will help bring your vision to life.

I am a commercial space designer/architect. Who do I contact about Spectrus Glassboards?

Please contact our design professionals at or (855) 752-6201. We are eager to learn about your project and how Spectrus Glassboards can be used to enhance your design space.

How are the boards mounted on the wall?

Classic Spectrus Glassboards are held 1″ off the wall with stainless steel mounting standoffs, for a clean and modern look.
Spectrus lite Glassboards mount with Z-Clip style brackets, providing a clean and low-profile aesthetic in any space.

Complete installation instructions are included with your purchase, and can also be downloaded via the following links:
Spectrus (classic) / Spectrus lite

Are board installation services available? 

Spectrus lite Glassboards are lightweight and easy to install. Although we do not offer installation services, we recommend using a professional to ensure level and secure mounting of the classic Glassboards. Installation costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

How soon will my board ship?

If in stock, glassboards usually ship within 48 hours via Federal Express after payment is confirmed. For custom sizes or colors, manufacturing and shipping estimates will be provided at time of order.

What if my board is damaged when I receive it?

We do our very best to ensure that doesn’t happen, but. . . First, inspect the outside of the shipping box for damage. Take pictures of the damaged area. Carefully open the box and inspect the contents. If damaged, please photograph the damage and any related packaging. Send an e-mail with photos to explaining the damage. Your damage claim will be addressed within 48 business hours from receipt.

If I do not like the board, is it returnable?

Yes, any standard size/color glassboard is returnable. Please contact us at (855) 752-6201 or to facilitate the return process. Custom glassboards are not covered by our standard return policy. Please read the terms and conditions before placing your order.