We believe in the power of color.  Our boards are works of art, adding style and emotion to any environment.  In addition to our 12 standard colors, we can custom-match almost any color.  Our production method includes advanced technology using computer-controlled equipment that paints each and every glassboard the same way, every time.

Our classic Spectrus Glassboards feature high-quality, 1/4-inch-thick, low-iron, tempered safety glass with polished edges, resulting in a clean, stylish look.

Spectrus lite Glassboards with Corning® Gorilla® Glass are lightweight and durable.  The reinforced steel backing ensures your glassboard will be around for years of collaboration and big ideas.

Each magnetic Spectrus Glassboard is handmade using a steel backing that is carefully positioned and bonded to the painted glass surface.  All our boards can be used with dry or wet-erase pens, permanent markers, grease pencils, and more.

Spectrus Glassboards are easy to clean using an eraser designed for dry erase boards or a soft terry cloth with any standard window cleaner, resulting in a clean and crisp surface every time.


  • Nothing less than the highest quality products are accepted by our team.
  • Our Glassboards are made using state-of-the-art painting methods, and hand assembled by our
    quality-oriented craftsmen.
  • We guarantee reliable delivery via Federal Express.

• Corporate settings    • Educational institutions    • Healthcare providers    • Hospitality industry    • Entertainment studios