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Consistent Coverage & Quality

Spectrus specializes in back-painted glass and high volume, computer-controlled mass production.  We promise exceptional quality coverage & total opacity on every Glassboard.  Our specialized paints bond perfectly with the glass so that it doesn’t come off – ever.  Our advanced computer-controlled technology paints each Glassboard the same way, every time, for a uniform & consistent product at a very low cost.  Quality consistent color application from 1 – 1,000 Glassboards, Spectrus covers it.

High Volume = Lowest Cost

We are the lowest priced Glassboard in the market thanks to efficiencies honed in automotive expertise.  Mass production is our niche; we’re made in Michigan – the champion of standardized production, and can make it happen for your project.

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Innovative Writeable Glass Surface in Any Color 

Clean, crisp and ready for your next big idea: Spectrus Glassboards are made with high-quality, ¼”, crystal-clear, low-iron, tempered safety glass and polished edges for a durable modern aesthetic.  Scratch resistant, non-absorbent surface resists stains, won’t ghost or fade and erases beautifully.  Compatible with any marker, including permanent, and wipes away easily.

Spectrus Glassboards can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and are held 1″ off the wall with stainless steel mounting standoffs, adding both dimension and modern style.

It’s also available in magnetic versions, turning your glassboard into a magnetic bulletin board.  Ideal for heavy traffic, contract, and commercial spaces: Spectrus has you covered from boardroom to classroom.

  • three standard sizes: 18″ x 24″       24″ x 36″       36″ x 48″
  • unlimited custom colors, no minimum order
  • includes all mounting hardware and easy to follow instructions

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Introducing the Toughest lite-weight at the Lowest Price

Intriguingly thin, lightweight and tough like you never imagined.  Spectrus lite Glassboards with Corning® Gorilla® Glass are lightweight and durable.  The reinforced steel backing ensures your Glassboard will  be around for years of collaboration and big ideas.

Our Glassboards are projector-friendly, clear and readable so ideas pop with reduced parallax for a visually stunning display, even at wide viewing angles.  Compared to porcelain, the glass cleans beautifully and is stain resistant after frequent usage, even with vibrant markers.

Light enough to roam around any workspace: it installs in minutes and mounts easily in portrait or landscape.  The frameless design and concealed mounting hardware make it a great option for private offices, conference rooms, and collaborative spaces.

Spectrus lite: the most affordable, durable, and customizable glassboards available!

  • three standard sizes: 18″ x 24″       24″ x 36″       36″ x 48″
  • unlimited custom colors, no minimum order
  • magnetic functionality standard 
  • includes all mounting hardware & easy to follow directions

• Corporate settings     • Educational institutions     • Health care providers     • Hospitality industry     • Entertainment studios

Innovative Collaboration Solutions

Give your team, your client, or your workspace, the most affordable, durable & customizable Glassboard assembled in the U.S. and watch what happens.  Spectrus Glassboards add a clean, modern aesthetic that looks spectacular and inspires those around them.

Big.  Bright.  Bold.

Your ideas and Spectrus Glassboards sync beautifully.  We believe in the power of color.  Select one of our 12 standard colors or custom-match a client’s brand, a school’s colors, or your favorite color of the year.  With our limitless options and precise color matching, Spectrus creates innovative writeable glass surfaces; trendy, bold, soft, dramatic, classic white, or crystal clear to complement any setting.  No minimum order required for custom colors.

Form & Function

Spectrus doesn’t stop at looking good.  Its long-lasting durability and functionality satisfies the demands of high traffic, contract, and commercial interiors.  Customize with magnetic glass to become a bulletin board.  We offer three flexible sizes, complete with mounting hardware.  Merge multiple boards for classrooms, boardrooms and large venues that command space to spread out.

Easy to Order.    Easy to Install.    Easy to Clean.

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· Includes complete mounting hardware and easy to follow instructions
· Compatible with any marker and wipes away easily without ever staining or ghosting

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